Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kathakali Appreciation:a lec dem by Late Kesavan Asan in 2007

We give bring to you a few pics from our archives that feature the Lecture-Demonstration on Kathakali by Late Kesavan Asan:
Late Kesavan Asan who wrote the attakatha at the behest of Sangeethasabha based on Tyagaraja's Opera 'Nauka charitam', is seen here giving a lecture demo assisted by Kala.Pradeep.

 Kathakali brings together various traditional art forms like dance,painting ,music and the connoisseur gets a chance to appreciate features like  : the encryption of emotions , the decryption of textual nuances, colour, pure rhythm , you name it, kathakali has got it. our murals now attempt to freeze all that into one frame for posterity.

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