Thursday, July 5, 2012

4-year Course in Mural Painting and Indian Aesthetics at Dhyanasankalpam

Dhyanasankalpam-an Openstudio for Murals,Calicut
is inviting applications for admission
to a 4-year Comprehensive Programme in Mural Painting and Indian Aesthetics .
Founded in 2005 as not-for-profit Art initiative, to provide traditional Kerala Mural art education to disadvantaged children,and presently spearheading a successful public campaign titled 'These walls are meant for murals'-to reclaim blank wall spaces for kerala murals, Dhyanasankalpam has grown into a popular art forum for research, preservation, and promotion of traditional Kerala Mural art and culture conducting Summer camps and weekend classes exhibitions, events, and publications, attracting art aficionados from all over the world.
Two Murals of size 6 ft x 4 ft  each Installed in 2009 and 2012 :
In 2009 Dhyanasankalpam installed a 6 ft x 4 ft mural, depicting Zamorin Prince and Sanskrit scholar Manavedan (1658-1662),who is more popularly known as Manaveda Kavi for his  Krishna Geethi on which the dance drama of Krishnanattam is based. According to some scholars,Krishnanattam is the first opera in Sanskrit produced in Kerala.A team of 10 students spent every Sunday for over a year, under the watchful guidance of renowned Mural Painter Sasi Edavard to complete the mural.

In Oct 2011 held an exhibition of over 30 murals titled 'Samruddhi'-hosted jointly by Dolna,Mumbai and MCA Club at the famous Mumbai Cricket Association Club,Mumbai.

On 22 June 2012 unveiled the second mural size 6 ft x 4 ft depicting the presiding deity at Thrissala Bhagavathi Temple,MankavePalace,Calicut.

The third project presently being undertaken is a 200sq ft mural installation on the walls of Krishna Temple Mankave Palace,Calicut.The project is set to be completed before Onam,2012.
Once completed, Dhyanasankalpam would undoubtedly be the first and only independent not-for-profit initiative to commission 250sq ft of murals rivalling those at the Duch Palace,Mattanchery and elsewhere in Kerala.It will also put Calicut on the world map as the beckoning center for Kerala murals in North Malabar.
Admissions Open for Regular Classes:
Regular classes are being conducted in Mural Painting with hands-on training.
Dhyanasankalpam aims to train children and students in traditional Kerala Mural techniques; encourage creativity, develop a sense of pride about their culture and provide a sense of belonging and community in a structured learning environment through its uniquely structured 4-year Comprehensive Programme in Mural Painting and Indian Aesthetics . Mural Painting Classes are held everyday from 10am -5pm led by renowned Mural Artist Sasi Edavarad and Mentor at Dhyanasankalpam. pl call 08891721099 for details.There are currently 30 students on rolls from all ages :5-75 years old.
Please  find sasi.edavarad on Facebook

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

the 7th monthly Kathakali Appreciation Class

Mr Rajanandan-renowned Kathakali Commentator and Critic (in blue shirt ) explains how Kathakali artists 'verbalise' language and 'portray' stories using their bodies.

Rajeev and Kalamandalam  Manoj enact a scene

The gathering of rasikas at the 7th monthly Kathakali Appreciation class held on Sunday 8th Aug 2010 at Bhagavathikettu near Siva Temple, Tiruvannur, Calicut   

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Manavedan's 'Krishnageethi'-the story

composed his classic "KRISHANAGEETHI " in eight chapters, in the style of Jayadeva's (12th century Bengali poet ) GEETHAGOVINDAM. 
The Krishnanattam (a mosaic of folk and classic arts), a dance drama, has evolved from this Krishnageethi over 300 years ago. This work deals with the Krishna avatar - from Krishna's birth to his final emancipation from worldly life and ascension to heaven. It is presented in 8 episodes namely 'Avatharam', 'Kaliyamardhanam', 'Rasakreeda', 'Kamsavaddham'. 'Swayamvaram', 'Banayuddham', 'Vividha vadham', and "Swargarohana". These episodes are presented on eight consecutive nights. Since the last story is considered inauspicious, the "Avathara " always follows "Swargarohana" and it will be enacted on the ninth day.
 Also visit the following link:

krishnanattam by P K S Raja,Present Zamorin Raja of Calicut 
For a critical review of Krishnanattam pl visit:

Theatre and the world: performance and the politics of culture

 By Rustom Bharucha on Google Books
The story as depicted in the mural:
*Krishnagiti* was written between 1655 A.D. and 1658 A.D. by the then Zamorin Raja of Calicut , Manavedan. During this period, the renowned Vaishnava Sage Vilwamangalam Swamiyar and the Manavedan were staying at Guruvayur. Vilwamangalam Swamiyar was such an ardent devotee of Bhagavan Guruvayurappan that he could see Bhagavan in flesh and blood whenever he wanted.

Sree Krishna depicted as Guruvayurappan

Sanskrit Scholar and Poet , Manavedan Raja,  the Zamorin Crown Prince,
One day requested Bilwamangala Swamiyar to guide him in realising the Bhagavan.
Swamiyar replied that before committing anything he will have to consult Bhagavan Guruvayurappan and get his consent. The next day the Swamiyar told him that Guruvayurappan has given his consent and Manavedan can see Guruvayurappan playing in the early hours of the morning at the platform of the *Elanji* tree.
 When as per this agreement, Manavedan saw  Guruvayurappan in the form of little child Sri Krishna, he was so excited that he forgot himself and, rushed to embrace little Sree Krishna.
Guruvayoorappan immediately disappeared saying, "Vilwamangalam did not tell me that this will happen ". However, during the melee, Manavedan got one peacock feather from the head gear of Bhagavan Krishna.

King Manavedan became sad for the inadvertent discourtesy shown by him to Bhagavan Sri Krishna . As advised by Vilwamangalam Swamiyar, , he immediately went to the sanctum sanctorum of Bhagavan Guruvayurappan and pledged that with that feather of peacock, he will make a headgear , compose *Krishnagiti* in the form of a dance drama and dedicate it to Bhagavan.

A Moorthy of Sri Krishna was made using the wood of the `Eanji' tree. (The `Elanji' tree stood at the place where now, the Kuttambalam stands, on the south-east side of the sanctum sanctorum of the Guruvayur Temple ). According to the advice of Vilwamangalam, Manavedan composed *Krishnagiti* sitting before that Moorthy with single minded devotion.

The peacock feather was incorporated in the headgear for the character of Sri Krishna. The headgear was found to suit the heads of all actors performing as Bhagavan Krishna. The actor also used to get 'possessed' on wearing this headgear.

Manavedan wrote *Krishnagiti* in eight cantos, and without any assistance did the choreography, all the costume make up including Krishna's headgear, facial make up, details of instruments for the background music and prepared the list of all and sundry articles required for staging the dance drama. He himself selected the artists for the *Arangetam* ( inaugural performance) and trained them to perform the dance drama. It is to be noted that the Arangetam of all the eight plays viz., Avatharam, Kaliyamardanam, Rasakrida, Kamsavadham , Swayamvaram, Banayuddham, Vividavadham and Swargarohanam were performed near the sanctum sanctorum of the Guruvayur Temple. On the ninth day, Avatharam was repeated as the Zamorin felt that it was not auspicious to end the series with the demise of Lord Krishna. This practice of performing Avatharam after Swargarohanam is being continued to this day.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Purappadu of Kashyap and Vaishnav the video clip of Purappadu of Kashyap and Vaishnav -co-sponsored by Sangeethasabha Mankave during Nov-Dec ,Templefest 2009

Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 7 at the Open studio of Murals

Last Sunday was a quiet day with most kids taking a break to attend the Geeta competition. It was for Rahul and Dr Reghuraj to complete the  yellow ochre and give the backdrop a touch of scarlet red.The Green also made its presence. Sasi Gurukkal attends to Priya a class 2nd student.                                    

Above is the humble bag that holds all the  acrylics,brushes,palettes,pencils,tissue and even a bottle of pre-boiled drinking water.
In the meantime,Pranav gets the chance to apply the wood-primer foundation on a 8 feet by 4 feet marine ply board.Rahul and Naveen watch on.

At the end of day 7 ( after about 50 man hours) the mural stands thus.
Its spring time, the trees are sprouting green leaves, the evening is crimson red.The lotuses are abloom.The music is in the air. May be another 150 man hours to go for the mural to come alive.
see you next week.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Rahul' s murals

We give below a mural completed by Rahul:

Day # 6 at the studio

On day 5, the drawing is almost complete
and the team gets down to fill the yellow ochre.
Panini ,Rahul and Dr Reghuraj are at work on day 6.

 The boys leave to find out what's new on Rahul TR's ipod