Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day#4 at Mankave Studio :Krishna & Gopis

Work on the new canvas continued today as well with Aathira and Panini getting down to the task of giving yellow ochre wash to the surface.They are just back from an hour long Karnatic music class at Tali,Calicut.

They are the students of Karnatic Vocalist  Tamarakkad Krishnan Nambootiri.
Today they sang two of Tyagarajas Pancharatnakritis :Jagadaananda... and the music class
Sasi Edavarad and Dr Reghuraj walk in a little after 10am.

Rahul TR ( left bottom corner) quit attending the art class and has now joined this group.He has   wonderful control on line and he is a quick learner.
Panini is mixing some red as Dr Reghuraj takes on yellow ochre wash.
Aathira's lil sister Aswathi drops in at 11 am to pull her out for the Sunday noon Abacus class. Anila is just waiting for aathira to finish. At the other end the red outline is being given over the pencil drawing

As the session continues, Dinakumari teacher joins the group. She is an arts and crafts teacher in a Govt school. She is joining the class after a long break owing pressures at work and home.She prefers to watch the proceedings for the day.

Rahul is nearing the finish line with his Hanuman.

The boys then disappear for a quick football game.

And its for Anila and Dr Reghu to persist and finish the colour mix in their palletes .They hate wasting paints.Its past 1 pm in the afternoon.Its time for Lunch. The BhagavatGeetha -Sanskrit class will begin in the same venue at 2 pm every sunday.

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