Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 7 at the Open studio of Murals

Last Sunday was a quiet day with most kids taking a break to attend the Geeta competition. It was for Rahul and Dr Reghuraj to complete the  yellow ochre and give the backdrop a touch of scarlet red.The Green also made its presence. Sasi Gurukkal attends to Priya a class 2nd student.                                    

Above is the humble bag that holds all the  acrylics,brushes,palettes,pencils,tissue and even a bottle of pre-boiled drinking water.
In the meantime,Pranav gets the chance to apply the wood-primer foundation on a 8 feet by 4 feet marine ply board.Rahul and Naveen watch on.

At the end of day 7 ( after about 50 man hours) the mural stands thus.
Its spring time, the trees are sprouting green leaves, the evening is crimson red.The lotuses are abloom.The music is in the air. May be another 150 man hours to go for the mural to come alive.
see you next week.

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