Thursday, July 5, 2012

4-year Course in Mural Painting and Indian Aesthetics at Dhyanasankalpam

Dhyanasankalpam-an Openstudio for Murals,Calicut
is inviting applications for admission
to a 4-year Comprehensive Programme in Mural Painting and Indian Aesthetics .
Founded in 2005 as not-for-profit Art initiative, to provide traditional Kerala Mural art education to disadvantaged children,and presently spearheading a successful public campaign titled 'These walls are meant for murals'-to reclaim blank wall spaces for kerala murals, Dhyanasankalpam has grown into a popular art forum for research, preservation, and promotion of traditional Kerala Mural art and culture conducting Summer camps and weekend classes exhibitions, events, and publications, attracting art aficionados from all over the world.
Two Murals of size 6 ft x 4 ft  each Installed in 2009 and 2012 :
In 2009 Dhyanasankalpam installed a 6 ft x 4 ft mural, depicting Zamorin Prince and Sanskrit scholar Manavedan (1658-1662),who is more popularly known as Manaveda Kavi for his  Krishna Geethi on which the dance drama of Krishnanattam is based. According to some scholars,Krishnanattam is the first opera in Sanskrit produced in Kerala.A team of 10 students spent every Sunday for over a year, under the watchful guidance of renowned Mural Painter Sasi Edavard to complete the mural.

In Oct 2011 held an exhibition of over 30 murals titled 'Samruddhi'-hosted jointly by Dolna,Mumbai and MCA Club at the famous Mumbai Cricket Association Club,Mumbai.

On 22 June 2012 unveiled the second mural size 6 ft x 4 ft depicting the presiding deity at Thrissala Bhagavathi Temple,MankavePalace,Calicut.

The third project presently being undertaken is a 200sq ft mural installation on the walls of Krishna Temple Mankave Palace,Calicut.The project is set to be completed before Onam,2012.
Once completed, Dhyanasankalpam would undoubtedly be the first and only independent not-for-profit initiative to commission 250sq ft of murals rivalling those at the Duch Palace,Mattanchery and elsewhere in Kerala.It will also put Calicut on the world map as the beckoning center for Kerala murals in North Malabar.
Admissions Open for Regular Classes:
Regular classes are being conducted in Mural Painting with hands-on training.
Dhyanasankalpam aims to train children and students in traditional Kerala Mural techniques; encourage creativity, develop a sense of pride about their culture and provide a sense of belonging and community in a structured learning environment through its uniquely structured 4-year Comprehensive Programme in Mural Painting and Indian Aesthetics . Mural Painting Classes are held everyday from 10am -5pm led by renowned Mural Artist Sasi Edavarad and Mentor at Dhyanasankalpam. pl call 08891721099 for details.There are currently 30 students on rolls from all ages :5-75 years old.
Please  find sasi.edavarad on Facebook

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